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Information about future sealing project on Main Street.

January 19, 2012

You may have noticed that there was a survey crew working on Main Street this week.  The city is working with EBH Engineers on a project to seal Main Street from US 50 to the Railroad Tracks.  The road surface is six years old and in need of maintenance due to the heavy traffic that has travelled the road during that time.

This project is being funded through the KLINK 1R Resurfacing Program. This program is a portion of the Kansas Department of Transportation’s (KDOT) Local Partnership Program which is intended to improve the roadway surfacing of City Connecting Links of the State Highway System that are maintained by the Cities. The City is responsible to pay 25% of the project cost.

This will not be as extensive as the Main Street re-construction project several years ago. Our engineer tells us to plan to have the re-surfacing completed in 5 days.  During that time the street will have traffic on it, but parking will be affected some of those construction days. After the re-surfacing is complete, new pavement markings will have to be applied, but that process can be completed with minimal disruption to residents and businesses.

At this time the project has not yet been let for bidding.  Because this is a KLINK project, the project bids are to be let between July1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.  After the bidding process is complete and the City Council has accepted bids, we will release a more accurate project timeframe.

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