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“I can do things that you cannot, you ca

“I can do things that you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” – Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa was talking about collaboration. Finding your strengths, but knowing your weaknesses. Finding someone else’s strengths that are your weaknesses and coming together. So that together you can do much more than you could ever do separately. I am certain by now most everyone has begun to hear rumblings about the collaborative effort between Kearny County and the cities of Lakin and Deerfield. The goal of this column is to help you better understand what that effort is. In order to do that, I think it is best to first tell you what it is not.
First of all, it is not a scheme of mine or the Lakin City Council to make anyone other than City of Lakin customers pay for the new water treatment plant. That is our proverbial cross-to-bear.
This effort is also in no way a prelude to school consolidation. It only pertains to the three entities’ governments. A conscious effort was made to exclude the schools from this effort so as to not confuse citizens as to its true purpose.
That purpose is simply to find ways in which the three entities can work together, share services, be more efficient and ultimately save money for the residents of Kearny County.
We have hired Terry Woodbury, the founder of Public Square Communities (, to facilitate this process. Terry has already begun his work by meeting with each of the governing bodies and conducting upfront interviews with key players in the three jurisdictions. From those interviews, he has recommended nine people to serve on a Feasibility Committee; Kendal Francis, Randy Heinitz, Sandy Wright, Shannon McCormick, Jana Jenkinson, Doug Kysar, Craig Turrentine, Tammy Sabata and Jim Morphew. This committee is tasked with identifying one or more services that they believe are a “feasible” shared service i.e. that has a reasonable chance of succeeding, adding value to each entity and to the beneficiaries of that service. They will do enough preliminary research on each to judge whether or not they think it is feasible, and then recommend to all three governing bodies the one or two they believe have the best potential to succeed. After approval by the governing bodies, Terry will convene a “Design Team”, nominated by the Feasibility Committee for the top priority shared service area. This Design Team will include individuals from all 3 entities with particular expertise in that service.
The Feasibility Committee will meet for the first time on Wednesday Aug. 6th. Speaking for myself, I would appreciate hearing from you regarding this endeavor and will value your input.
Remember, “One is too small of a number to achieve greatness.” – John Maxwell


The City of Lakin is seeking persons int

The City of Lakin is seeking persons interested in a full time position as Assistant City Clerk under the direction of the City Clerk.
A successful applicant will need to have general knowledge of accounting principles and practices, computer proficiency, ability to work independently, organizational skills, verbal and written communication skills, and excellent customer service skills.
Employment will be contingent upon passing a pre-employment drug test, background investigation and being bondable.
Wage will be based on experience with a starting wage of $10.50 per hour. Medical and Dental Insurance, paid leave, cafeteria and deferred compensation plans, and retirement benefits included.
Interested candidates should submit a resume and three references to Cindy Broeckelman, City Clerk at 121 North Main Street, PO Box 148, Lakin, Kansas 67860.
The review of applications and resumes will begin on August 22, 2014.
Equal Opportunity Employer.

Make sure you plan your day in Lakin on

Make sure you plan your day in Lakin on Saturday. Alot of activites going on!

Holly & Ivy Annual Christms Craft Show S

Holly & Ivy
Annual Christms Craft Show
Sat., Dec 7, 8:30 A.M. – 2:30 P.M.
Veterans Memorial Bldg

Annual “Lighted” Christmas Parade Satu

Annual “Lighted” Christmas Parade
Saturday, December 7th @ 6 P.M.

Water Plant Update

Are you done yet?  That is the question I have heard a lot lately.  The answer is we are very close.  Our contractor is putting the final details together.  Making some repairs that must be completed so the City can accept the project and scheduling the plant start-up.  This project has been in the works since 2007 and we are very much ready to bring it into operation.

The contract completion date is September 3, 2013, so we are very close.  Originally we were scheduled to finish in May, but we were delayed due to regulatory review pertaining to the operation of the injection well.  Those issues are behind us now and we are all excited to bring the plant online.

The startup process will be very involved for the plant operators.  Representatives from all the major component suppliers will be present to test and make sure everything is working together as designed.  This will be a very important process for us.

During the period that we start producing treated water you will most likely notice city staff doing more hydrant flushing than typical.  This is to help stabilize the water chemistry in the distribution system and help move the new treated water throughout the city.  We will continue to flush hydrants during this period of adjustment.   I have had several people ask if running water on the yard or in the house wouldn’t do the same thing.  It doesn’t have the same effect  Hydrant flushing is the only way to move large quantities of water to get the cleaning and scouring action required to keep water mains clean.

Please encourage your friends to follow information on this page.  We will also do our best to post info on Channel 10 for Pioneer Cable Customers and in the Lakin Independent newspaper.  As always, you can call the city office during the start-up period if you have questions.

Below is a chart showing what our water quality is now and what the treatment plant is designed to achieve.  This is the water that we drink.  We also clean, bathe, and cook with water as well and the current water quality is not up to standard.

Water Quality Parameter Current Condition Value Water Quality Limit or Standard With Treatment
Uranium 32-38 30 8
Total Dissolved Solids 1100 500 275
Hardness 650 150 160
Sulfate 600 250 150