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Make sure you plan your day in Lakin on

Make sure you plan your day in Lakin on Saturday. Alot of activites going on!

Holly & Ivy Annual Christms Craft Show S

Holly & Ivy
Annual Christms Craft Show
Sat., Dec 7, 8:30 A.M. – 2:30 P.M.
Veterans Memorial Bldg

Annual “Lighted” Christmas Parade Satu

Annual “Lighted” Christmas Parade
Saturday, December 7th @ 6 P.M.

Water Plant Update

Are you done yet?  That is the question I have heard a lot lately.  The answer is we are very close.  Our contractor is putting the final details together.  Making some repairs that must be completed so the City can accept the project and scheduling the plant start-up.  This project has been in the works since 2007 and we are very much ready to bring it into operation.

The contract completion date is September 3, 2013, so we are very close.  Originally we were scheduled to finish in May, but we were delayed due to regulatory review pertaining to the operation of the injection well.  Those issues are behind us now and we are all excited to bring the plant online.

The startup process will be very involved for the plant operators.  Representatives from all the major component suppliers will be present to test and make sure everything is working together as designed.  This will be a very important process for us.

During the period that we start producing treated water you will most likely notice city staff doing more hydrant flushing than typical.  This is to help stabilize the water chemistry in the distribution system and help move the new treated water throughout the city.  We will continue to flush hydrants during this period of adjustment.   I have had several people ask if running water on the yard or in the house wouldn’t do the same thing.  It doesn’t have the same effect  Hydrant flushing is the only way to move large quantities of water to get the cleaning and scouring action required to keep water mains clean.

Please encourage your friends to follow information on this page.  We will also do our best to post info on Channel 10 for Pioneer Cable Customers and in the Lakin Independent newspaper.  As always, you can call the city office during the start-up period if you have questions.

Below is a chart showing what our water quality is now and what the treatment plant is designed to achieve.  This is the water that we drink.  We also clean, bathe, and cook with water as well and the current water quality is not up to standard.

Water Quality Parameter Current Condition Value Water Quality Limit or Standard With Treatment
Uranium 32-38 30 8
Total Dissolved Solids 1100 500 275
Hardness 650 150 160
Sulfate 600 250 150

Can we “Keep it Clean” and respect our neighbors?

Every year the City of Lakin provides clean-up services to the community to help our citizens remove large bulky items that they may not be able to get out on their own. Keeping Lakin clean is is a partnership between the city and its residents.  The purpose of the program is to help keep neighborhoods clean and the town attractive.

Like any good idea, there are times when problems occur.

  1. We have Spring Clean-Up and Fall Clean-Up.  The clean-up times for the community is announced well in advance so people can prepare.  If you are lining the alley with rubbish before clean-up has been announced it makes the alleys trashy and makes it difficult to mow and maintain weeds along fences and back yards.  This is counter productive to the goal of the Clean-Up program.
  2. Keep it On Your Side Please.   Nobody likes other peoples trash in their yard. Please don’t place rubbish, boards, tree limbs, etc. behind your neighbors fence or yard.  City crews can pick up these items both sides of the alley.  We answer more complaint calls about neighbors doing this to others than any other cleanup issue. 
  3. Dumpsters need room too.  Don’t lean trash, limbs, boards, etc against dumpsters. When we empty the dumpster all that trash falls underneath and makes a mess and may make it impossible to set the dumpster back down.
  4. What can I do other times of the year?  Well, we are very fortunate to have a free landfill in Kearny County.  The landfill will take your heavy, bulky items, lumber, etc. during their operating hours.  They are even open on Saturday.

Our goal is to keep the community clean and desirable for all residents.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.

ORANGE CONE ALERT: Contractors sealing m

ORANGE CONE ALERT: Contractors sealing main street starting early (5:30 am) tomorrow morning. Plan to find alternate routes

Update on Nano-Filtration Water Treatment Plant

The construction of the Nano-Filtration Water Treatment Plant north of town is near completion.  Construction started in late April of 2012 and the plant was scheduled to be online in April 2013.

While the plant construction has gone smoothly the most time consuming issue


Panoramic View of the Nano-Filtration Units in the Water Treatment Plant.

for the City has been the Underground Injection Control (UIC) Well that will dispose of the rejected water and material from the Nano-Filtration Water Treatment Plant.  The UIC Well has commonly been referred to as the “Deep Well” or “Injection Well” and is for disposal only.  The well bottom is over 6,000 ft. deep and this carries all of the uranium, nitrates, hardness, and other minerals concentrated in water several thousand feet below the water bearing layers of the earth for disposal.

While there are many injection wells in Kansas, the well in Lakin is the first Class V Non-Hazardous UIC Well in the state.   Drilling of the well was completed in July of 2012. The KDHE process to approve completion steps to bring the well into service took much longer than expected.   In April 2013 we received final instructions and approval from KDHE to complete the UIC Well; this included some additional work to satisfy KDHE requirements.

The connection of the plant discharge to the Injection Well will be complete this week. Additional testing with water will be conducted to determine that the well is functioning as required.  The contractors and engineers will then submit their test data to KDHE and await a final approval letter allowing us to discharge waste into the well.  KDHE may take a month or longer to review and approve use of the well.

The City has been working on this project to address the high levels of Uranium in our water since 2007.  We are looking forward to getting this plant online and improving the quality and safety of your drinking water supply.  We will keep you updated as to our official startup date and will have more articles explaining how we plan to work with our water customers during the startup process.


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